Like milkweed silk

[Some words and pictures; Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox, 2018] On Saturday I touched everything I own. Rather than packing, this time it’s been a shedding. I’ve estranged every object I won’t touch daily. Mostly this is a series of entrustings. The bike with Oliver, the parcels to Virginia, the oils with Anastatia, and on, … More Like milkweed silk

Borderlands High School Semester Program

‘Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done.’ (Anni Albers) The Borderlands High School Semester Program will be an expedition-based high school semester taught for academic credit, traversing US-Mexico borders (present, historical, cultural, conceptual) by biking, backpacking and paddling. The idea arrived … More Borderlands High School Semester Program


This is my last week in Ecuador with the Kroka semester and we recently returned from our two week mountain expedition. We trekked out of Palugo farm to Antisana volcano and spent four days climbing at the Antisana glacier. I then followed a small group of my students at a distance for three days for … More Antisana

Five days of solo biking in northern Ecuador

Imbabura Volcano is dusted in snow the morning after rain. Perched on the flanks where blueberries and potatoes grow, we’re layered in sweaters and scarves. I’ve just come back from the feria with Lordes, Roberto and Gova, where families from the indigenous community of San Clemente gather in Ibarra to sell homemade food and corn … More Five days of solo biking in northern Ecuador